Short or Long Curly Hair

No matter how you take the curls. Larger or smaller, or completely tousled curls defined… bring movement and femininity to your hairstyles. We hope our gallery of images with large and small, long and short curls; inspire your next decision styling.

Depending on the length of the hair and hairstyle, the curls can be romantic, sensual, daring, and wanted to create the wardrobe.

Do not have curly hair? Do not worry, you can curl your hair with a curling iron curls, foam rollers or a curling iron. Here we explain systematically how to make attractive curls hairstyle utensil preferred by most: the curl curler.

Step by step to curl your hair:
1 – After you wash your hair with shampoo, apply to the entire hair foam volume.

2 – Dry your hair (keep the dryer at a safe distance for your hair) before the curl curler. Starts with tufts above, separate a lock of hair, with a heat protective spray and roll on a curling curler. Wait a few seconds before throwing the lock. Repeat on all the parts you want to curl.

Tip: If you just want the ends, roll the lock of hair from the bottom to the height of the ears.

To achieve a dynamic look wound wires of different thickness in the clip and a rod with different diameters; you want an even wilder look? In this alternative case, the direction of the wind (in and out)

In case you prefer a more careful look and sexy, part your hair in one direction (in or out)

3 – By strand hair above the head; further towards the neck. You can curl your just too loose with pliers so you do not while still keeping her upset.

4 – Wait until all the curls have cooled before removing the clamps. Nod your head down and shake your head, and / or your fingers through the curls. Shape your hair with your fingers (for a much defined look) or groom with a brush (for a lighter look with long, float curls).

5 – To finish and ensure the strength of your curls evaporates some hairspray

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