Combing short hair

Short hair, besides very easy to care for, is one of the latest hair trends. We see the celebrities begin to cut his hair and more women join this fashion. The new looks are carried casuals. Already well with the help of finished products that are suitable for combing your hair? Keep reading, we explain how to wear your hair to perfection.

Forget the round brushes and rollers! In most cases, a short hair styling you need more than your hands. For drying your hair at least used a flat brush, will give more brightness without your hair with too much volume. For the day, it is best to have a brush with bristles far apart plastic, will be more than enough to give your hair! Form and life Because of the large space between the hairs, dry your hair done will not take. More than two minutes

The wet gel and wax are the most practical products to briefly model. Hair Before deciding to think about the result you wants to achieve. One or the other Want to get a closer look with a soft touch. Then apply a little wax. This product contains oils that are healthy and shiny hair. To distribute a small amount of product into your hands, rub them and pass them through the hair from the roots. Do not get much of it, if you see that you need more, you are always on time for product to add. If you apply, too much you have to resort to washing.

The wet gels and fixatives work very well if you rise a bit of your hair or wet look effect. Both gels are available with different levels of binding: soft or ultra strong. You can find this information on the packaging of the products.

Look In short, the key is the volume

The bob style short hair or long top have much volume, the foam helps you! You need near the roots where you want to get volume. There are many types of foam, so choose the one that is most suitable for your hair type and get the result you want. Usually, short hair does not need too much foam, just an amount equal to the size of a walnut. The foam also helps you to refresh your hair between washes.

Quick look: Get resistance
The paint gives the most advanced short hair the perfect finish. Makes the hair will stay perfect all day, it also protects against UV rays. We give you a trick to dazzle vaporizes some hairspray on your hair before you work your hair with wax, you will get more shine!