Tips & Tricks: Volume for fine hair

Fine hair does not have to lose all your style. We help you to improve with some tips and tricks! Structure of your hair Discover how to shampoo and dry your large results.

Fine hair is not automatically a problem of quantity. The problem is the thickness of each hair. Fine hair is about two mm. thinner than normal or strong hair. It is also a bit more sensitive. If you have small amount of hair, you can see her just fine. Depending on the color of your hair, you can more or less do it whether it is fine or not. On average, blonde-haired people have about 150,000 hairs on the head, while most of the dark-haired women have only about 100,000. If you have fine hair, you give combing gently shape and are particularly sensitive to drying.

Delicate Care for fine hair

Before drying your freshly washed hair, cover with a towel and let it dry completely. Never rub your hair dry with a towel because it can damage. Hair cuticle once the moisture away from your hair, a wide toothed comb. Hold the strands of hair from the root as you unravel do not pull too hard. Then you can start to dry the hair. Fixed an average temperature in your dryer to prevent overheating.

Fine hair is life after giving body to the root zone. Before drying your hair apply a small amount of mousse or hairspray only in the root zone and be ready to start dry with a paddle brush. To do this, tilt your head slightly to one side while using the dryer and brushing against the current with the flat brush. After a few steps, repeat the same procedure on the other side. Finally, tilt the head slightly forward as a brush and dry your hair down. If your hair is too short for a flat brush, separate the hair with your hands on your head while drying. All these methods give more volume to the hair from the root.

Get fine hair to keep the volume
Do you have the hair you have to keep? If your hair is thin, do not use wax or gel to get brighter. Complete fatty substances containing these products and is very likely to end up greasy look. A little (very little) to damp hair gel is usually best suited for combing hair short. The high-strength varnish tends to work for long or fine hair very well. It is important to bring by lifting the strands of hair to the coating and spray directly on the inside of each strand. The application of paint from the top can leave the hair.